Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

saad mansoor

We've all been in situations where we have accidentally deleted something important with our IPhone Perhaps it was a special photo, text message or mobile number that you have accidentally deleted. When you're in this situation, what options you have to restore your data from your iPhone? If you look at the iPhone application spy, or is there something else?

Are there any "quick and easy" way to recover deleted text messages (as well as other important data) on the iPhone? The good news is that, of course, there are a couple ways that you can easily recover lost data from your iPhone.

1) IPhone SPY STICK Recovery Tool looks like a normal disk USB, but then, like the iPhone Spy Stick works, you only have to connect the cable to your iPhone, then the other side of the cord to the computer ..

Now you just run the supplied software, and you'll be able to immediately restore and display the data that was deleted from the iPhone. This includes things such as text messages, photos, call logs, and even GPS-locations.


No need to jailbreak the iPhone.

No need to worry about installing applications on the iPhone.

Extremely easy to use.


No remote access. Must have physical access for the iPhone.

A bit more expensive.

2) IPhone SPY phone software, the second option is to purchase iPhone softwarethat spy often used to spy on cheating spouse, monitor your child's use of iPhone, track the location of the iPhone, and locate missing or stolen iPhones.Despite term "spy" in the title, this type of software is becoming increasingly popular way to recover deleted data from your iPhone.

The main reason why this method is becoming more popular choice, because there is no "sync" or manual backup tasks, not to forget do.Your iPhone data (text messages, call history, etc.), automatic backups every day . This means that if you ever delete the message, then you need to quickly restore, all you need to do is log into your account and then just a few clicks, you will have the full content of each message that was sent or or received from your iPhone.

In other words, iPhone spy phone software is essentially a real-time personal backup solution that requires absolutely ZERO effort on your part. All this is done for you. The only "knock" on this approach is that you must install the spy application on the iPhone before the data is deleted. In other words, it is used to recover data that was removed to install the application ..

Good Stuff?

Works exactly as advertised.

Available (prices start at about half the price of iPhone Stick Spy)

The full contents of text messages and emails received.

Once the application is installed, no further physical access to the iPhone is not required.


Installation takes more time as you download the application directly to the iPhone.

IPhone app spy must be installed before any data are removed, what you want.

IPhone must have an active data connection.

Requires jailbreak iPhone.

So, if you accidentallydeleted important text, do not worry, because now you know a few different ways, how to retrieve deleted text messages from any iPhone. For more information, go to this site iPhone Spy Stick and get all the Spy iPhone & iPhone restore the necessary information.

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