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saad mansoor

Hey guyz this is Saad Mansoor Khan .I was just about to close this blog then suddenly i got some new idea to share with you .So, Here is a Android Swype

For a quick and easy typing on Android smartphones have a great program called - Swype . When using Swype no longer need to print separately each character. Typing in the following way: you just simply your finger on the necessary letters of line connecting them and eventually get the desired word. Prededuschie version worked only on WVGA phones such as Motorola Droid or NexusOne. Now Swype available to everyone and have phones with android.

The only disadvantage of the program - lack of support for Russian language. Now officially supports only English and Spanish. But the guys from the forum 4PDA solved this problem.

Gestures Swype

Switching languages:

The gesture of the button to display Swype language.
The gesture of the button to Swype:

X - cut;
C - copy;
V - insert;
A - select all;
SYM - keyboard editing;
5 - large numeric keypad.

from T to W - Twitter, create a new account with the selected text in Twitter;
from G to M - Google Maps, will search the selected text on the card;
from F to B - Facebook, create a new post on the wall of Facebook c selected text.

comma - space: it adds a comma and a space;
point - blank: adds a point with a space and the next word begins with a capital letter;
Exclamation / question mark - a gap: it adds an exclamation / question mark, space, and the following word begins with a capital letter.

Project home page: http://www.swypeinc.com/

Small FAQ on the program: http://androiddb.ru/faq/421

An example of Swype can look at this video:

HVGA - 320x480 (Magic, Legend, Hero, Spica, i7500, Optimus, GW620, G1305, etc.)
WVGA - 480x800 (Nexus One, Desire, Desire HD , Desire Z, HD2, Evo, Galaxy S, Liquid, etc.)
WVGA854 - 480x854 (X10, Milestone / Droid, etc.)

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