Sharp Stomach Pains

saad mansoor

Is it a sharp pain in the stomach are signs of stomach ulcers, and symptoms manifest themselves in this way? No, sometimes sharp pain in the stomach is the result of overeating or starvation, or spicy food in the stomach. But this should not mean that periodic manifestations of pain in the stomach are the cause of the disease. Even in the stomach during pregnancy healthy women may be concerned about. The reason may be a grass-roots pressure on the stomach and enlarged uterus pushing the fetus.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers also include severe stomach pain in some part of the stomach . In gastric ulcer symptoms frequently cause the appearance of acute pain in the stomach and stomach bleeding, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting. Need to understand the seriousness of your illness and not to delay the treatment of gastric ulcers, or it may end resection of the stomach, the impact is difficult to eliminate.

Today, gastric ulcer disease is most prevalent among other diseases of stomach, symptoms of which manifest themselves in much the same as the symptoms of gastric ulcers. According to the statistics - suffer from a stomach ulcer from three to eighteen people per one thousand population. In turn, this disease physicians qualify as follows:

- Ulcers that occur in disease due to hormonal mechanisms, and disorders of the central nervous system.
- Toxic and allergic lesions of the gastric mucosa.
- Circulatory-hypoxic ulceration.
- Endocrine ulcers.
- Medicinal ulceration.
- Specific appearing in syphilis, tuberculosis, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

People suffering from nervous disorders and exhaustion, may also undergo gastric ulcer and other diseases of stomach, symptoms of which manifest a sharp pain in my stomach.

Often, busy people do not pay their attention to small signs of gastric ulcers include nausea, anorexia, and weakness. They refer to general fatigue, and only after a sharp pain in his stomach would find them by surprise, they go to the doctor, followed by a long course of treatment.

If severe stomach pain accompanied with the above mentioned ailments, but also cause stomach bleeding , then you should pay attention to the health of your stomach. But if severe stomach pain caused by other factors, then try not to repeat a reception fatty or spicy foods, not overeating and not taken on an empty stomach medications.

If the pain in the stomach appeared during the third trimester of pregnancy, doctors recommend a fractional power, ie eat more slowly and to help the digestive process, using mineral water with alkalis and salts, as well as eating more fruits and vegetables that you did not have a full stomach . This will facilitate the rapid digestion and the release of her intestines, allowing more space for the growth of the uterus.

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