Social Bookmarking for Seo

saad mansoor

Hey guys,
Its been long since i last posted was having hard times but now here i am with an incredible post of "Social Bookmarking for SEO "
Now a days people are thinking how to get back links for their website and get their website on top of Google Search for free .
Well the answer to your Question is "Yes you can get  to the top and make quality back links for free"
Social Bookmarking is the answer
Many  SEO companies and firms charge dollars for professional SEO services to their clients and the clients pays them happily because they get effective results.

The reason behind this is that if perfect Search Engine Optimization can build up your blog ranking then over and bad SEO can ruin your blog completely. That's why it's a better option to invest some money on your blog optimization. This investment will give you multiple times of benefits and your online business will grow. These companies works on many strategies to optimize a website to bring it at top in major search engines and today in this post I'll discuss about one of the best SEO strategies that is Social Bookmarking which comes under Off Page SEO. Most of the newbie bloggers who start learning SEO from reading online tutorials exclude this strategy from their SEO plans because of the following reasons.

  1. They don't aware with Social Bookmarking.
  2. They don't have proper knowledge of how to do it for SEO.
  3. They feel it as a waste of time to submit links on various social bookmarking sites.
 Whatever the reason but we should not ignore Social Bookmarking for better blog optimization. Today in this post we will discuss about what is Social Bookmarking, how it works in SEO and what are its benefits.

Social Bookmarking and sharing on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. always give good results in seo. Social networking sites can boost your Seo(Search Engine Optimization). So let’s talk about one of the best ways to boost your site rankings. People say that SEO has dead but I really don’t think so as there are still some major factors left that Google allows, like bookmarking and sharing. Google always prefer social media as you can see that when you will post something unique on Google plus. It will go on top soon. Isn’t that a kind of SEO? It is a kind of SEO. You should know the power of Social networking. Social media’s power cannot be ignored. So, why not we should take some benefits of it? Remember, don’t spam as Google doesn’t like spamming. Only share your website’s article just one tie. It is enough for Google to see your content.

Now, the thing is you should have good social profiles. Communicate with the people well and keep active there so People will be interested in your postings and all. You’ll have to understand one thing, don’t ever try to do things for yourself because when you will do some things for the people then it will definitely give you something. Just remember this thing in your mind and go ahead. People like= Your success. Some social media that I recommend are
Google Plus
Linkedin etc.
Join this and expand your social profile. Let me know if you want have ay questions.

Traffic generation is largely dependant upon the content you post on social bookmarking sites. An appealing title and quality content will help you drive traffic to your website. And also, you must bear in mind that, as it happens with all social networks, the key to be successful is to be social. The more links and bookmarks you submit, the more traffic you will obtain to your site. 

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